Your retail store operations can have the greatest state-of-the art omnichannel inventory management system on the planet. But if you don’t have the people and process in place to make magic happen, you’re going to fail to deliver your customer an exceptional buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) experience.

I had a poor BOPIS experience with Walmart. That’s why I wrote “Why BOPIS Is Failing, and How to Save It from Ruining the Holidays” and posted it to LinkedIn on Dec. 19. There was hope that somewhere, a big box retail executive would read it and fine-tune his or her store’s BOPIS execution before it became the Grinch that stole Christmas.

The problem with BOPIS technology is that merchants invest major money into driving customers from the web to the store without thinking about the people and processes in place at the store level. And for a few years now, just about every ecommerce expert I’ve spoken with has agreed with me that there’s an omnichannel disconnect that happens at the store level.

Check the article out. It includes 4 last-minute tips for fine-tuning the BOPIS process that, to be quite honest, merchants should  consider all year long.