Sherry Chiger and I used to have a running gag about how crazy she was to have hired me twice. I say “used to” because she hired me again* as a contributor to her labor of love, Your Commerce.

(* – Sherry didn’t really “hire” me, since no cash has exchanged hands. She’s basically allowing me to send articles to her, which she will copy edit and have posted to the site)

On Dec. 14, 2016, my first article posted: “6 Holiday Learnings That Will Help You All Year Long.”

A few things to note about the article:

  1. It’s basically a how-to, and in this case it’s how omnichannel merchants need to react to the trends-to-date so their holiday seasons can run smoothly.
  2. It’s written in Queens English. The site has “dual citizenship,” with an audience in the UK and the US.
  3. Copy editors are not the enemy of the journalist, as some people may say. Sherry took my uninspired post-hiatus piece and spun it into gold.